Five Pillars Of Impact

5 Pillars Of Impact

When young people are at-risk of or experiencing homelessness, the most effective responses include access to education, employment, safe and affordable accommodation and community connectedness.

This holistic approach is what informs For Change Co.’s five pillars of impact. These pillars are a framework grounded in research and community consultation, that allows us to continue to develop high-impact programs.


When young people are facing homelessness, they don’t have the capacity to think about the opportunities to create a meaningful career and pathway out of the homelessness cycle. That’s why For Change Co. partners with Launch Housing to provide young people in their Foyer programs an employment opportunity and a supportive working environment to work towards the future of their choosing. 

The Pathways For Change training program ultimately aims to break the cycle of homelessness, so throughout the trainees paid training. For Change Co. provides important workshops to help young people remain financially independent in future such as financial literacy workshops.


We employ young people in our Pathways For Change Training Program to equip them with the skills they need to navigate the job sector, setting them up for success and sustainable employment to escape the cycle of homelessness. Our trainees progress through three different modules, working across our venues where they develop their workplace skills with increasing responsibilities and challenges along the way. To date, our Pathways For Change program has provided opportunities for 20 trainees, nine of whom have engaged in other education whilst completing the program. 

“Working with For Change Co. has given me the opportunity to develop workplace and hospitality skills. It’s a unique workplace that’s both accommodating of personal/situational difficulties, whilst still providing the challenges of the hospitality sector. This balance gives me the chance to practice skills and build my confidence.” – Ellie


For Change Co. is proud to offer trainees award-rate wages throughout the Pathways For Change Training Program, empowering them not only with a myriad of employability skills, but also with the tools to manage their own finances, to understand the responsibility within the employer/employee relationship and to encourage them to feel part of the team. 

“For Change Co. gave me the confidence and self-esteem to stand up for myself in general and allowed me to think beyond in terms of what I can do for employment.” – Ralph


We know greater self-confidence can lead to increased psychological well being, resilience and motivation to pursue your goals. Giving trainees space to build their confidence underpins everything we do; from creating meaningful employment opportunities, fostering new friendships, to offering them tangible skills and encouragement. We aim to create a safe environment where trainees are reminded that they have the capacity to take action to improve their situations and that people believe in them. 

“Thus far it has had a tremendous impact on my wellbeing. My natural confidence has grown quite a bit. Motivation levels are much higher and overall I feel like I have a sense of purpose in my life and around the community.” – Trainee 


If young people don’t have strong social connections and support to cope with the challenges that life will throw their way, it can be an impossible feat to permanently exit the homelessness cycle. That’s why our impact partners, funders, volunteers, trainers and customers all play an important role in fostering an inclusive and positive environment where our trainees will develop a strong sense of community. 

“Being part of a team has had a positive impact on me as it gave me a sense of belonging and further helped me to develop my communication skills. The support I constantly receive definitely encourages me to continue trying my personal best and learning new skills.” – Trainee

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