FCC Board Transition

FCC Board Transition

For Change Co. is extremely grateful to be governed by an exceptional Board of Directors who keep us on track to achieving our mission everyday. Recently, we said goodbye to two of our longstanding board members as they stepped off the board. 

We thank Judy Hargrave (outgoing Chair) and Chris Mills (former Chair) for their exceptional service to the organisation. Their belief in our work and the support and advocacy that they have provided has led us through a period of immense growth and allowed us to stabilise the organisation to achieve strong impact now and into the future. A big thank you to Judy and Chris for being a huge part of For Change Co.’s journey and for the legacy that they will leave. 

As Judy transitions out of the role of Chair, we thank our current Board Member and Treasurer Paul Benveniste for stepping into the role of Interim Chair. 

As we say goodbye we also welcome a new board member to the team – Nick Verginis. Nick joins For Change Co. with a wealth of experience in the social enterprise, government and legal sectors and as a long-time follower and supporter of FCC. We look forward to gaining Nick’s insights and expertise on the board. 

A huge thank you also to our wonderful continuing board members who contribute their expertise, time and insights to ensure FCC’s ongoing success – Levi Fernandez, Myles Munro, Paul Benveniste and Katie Nicol.