For Change Co: Social enterprise, to rebrand impact continues to expand 


July 14th, 2021


For Change Co: Social enterprise, Society Melbourne, to rebrand as their impact in eliminating youth homelessness continues to expand  


Melbourne, VICTORIA: Society Melbourne, a social enterprise dedicated to eliminating youth homelessness in Australia, have today unveiled a new name, logo and website as part of their 2021 rebrand. 


Since 2015, Society Melbourne have been successful in building a strong community of customers and supporters through their popular cafes and ‘Crêpes for Change’ food truck. With the aim to help youth experiencing homelessness to transition to work or education, a vision to enable change and drive measurable impact has underpinned all of their work. 


Now to be known as For Change Co, the Melbourne-based enterprise have announced that they will be reshaping their brand identity as a direct result of rapid growth in both venues and impact. The team are particularly excited about this rebrand as it demonstrates their efforts in successfully navigating through the economic, social and health shocks of COVID-19.


Managing Director, Tenille Gilbert, has described the change as an opportunity to properly illustrate the organisation’s vision and as a significant step in their broader expansion. 


“When thinking about what drives our business, sustainable social change has always been the goal. We want to enable people to create change, that’s what we stand for. Depicting this in our branding and in our name seemed like the obvious next step for us.”


“Renaming our organisation and rebranding our communications has been a collaborative and detailed effort – one that has required us to establish an identity that adequately reflects our very purpose for existing.” Tenille said. 


Levi Fernandez, Head of Partnerships, has reiterated that, despite the rebrand, the enterprise’s core vision will remain the same. 


“Youth homelessness continues to be a serious social issue across Australia. 28,000 young people are still experiencing homelessness each night in our country. This rebrand signifies a vital time in our work where we will leverage the parts of our strategy that have been successful in driving social change, while also allowing us to keep evolving.” Levi said. 


Tenille added: “In many ways, we’re going back to our roots. We started with the Crêpes for Change food truck, so we’ve repurposed this as our name. We felt that it most successfully captured our vision and our goals.” 


The team at For Change Co have also announced that they will be implementing a number of new initiatives and projects in order to sustain their growth.


These projects will include a new cafe in Middle Park to be launched in October this year and a list of significant research partnerships. Most notably, in collaboration with Social Ventures Australia, For Change Co will be taking an important first step towards building an even stronger Social Return On Investment (SROI). 


The enterprise will be enrolling more trainees into their programs than ever before in 2021, and will continue to work alongside their housing partners, Launch Housing and Melbourne City Mission, to provide sustainable pathways out of youth homelessness.




For interviews or more information, please contact: 


  • Heather Lawson: or 0432 930 652


About For Change Co 


For Change Co was born from the idea that Australians can make a difference to the 28,000 young people currently experiencing homelessness every night. 


The enterprise runs some of the most sustainable social enterprises in Australia to support our evidence-based programs targeting young people who are at-risk of homelessness. 


Every crêpe, coffee and jaffle has an impact, with 100% of the profits going towards key support impact areas; confidence, housing, employment, education & community.


Originally founded with Crêpes for Change, For Change Co’s fast growing model now counts five enterprises that boast high quality products to fund an Australia where youth homelessness doesn’t exist.