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Open Shift is our latest initiative to create pathways out of homelessness for young people by connecting our Pathways For Change program graduates with employment opportunities at local businesses.

We know that the transition points in our participant’s lives pose the greatest risk for them to fall back into the cycle of homelessness. That’s why we started Open Shift, to ensure that our trainees have access to a smooth transition from employment at For Change Co. to ongoing employment at another local business as they conclude the training program.

Are you a local business owner searching for well-trained and highly committed employees?

When you become a member of Open Shift, you gain streamlined access to the highly skilled graduates of home.plate while also having a positive social impact in your community.

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How Does It Work?

This initiative will allow you to employ young people as they conclude the home.plate Hospitality Training Program, allowing them to transition into consistent employment and break the cycle of homelessness*. For Change Co. will collaborate with your business to ensure the trainee is briefed on your venue’s operations and will support the trainee’s transition to a role in your organisation. 

*To be eligible to collaborate with For Change Co. , your business must offer your staff the award rates for hospitality.

What’s In It For You?

  •  Become one of For Change Co.’s employment partners and receive promotion of your goodwill on our website and across our social media channels
  • Receive an Open Shift member badge for your website and physical sticker for your shopfront.
  • Receive newsletter updates on potential new employees.
  • Gain streamlined access to a pool of potential employees with strong technical and behavioural skills who are passionate and ready to contribute wholeheartedly to a new workplace.
  • Make a real and lasting impact on a young person’s life by supporting them in leading the life they want to lead.

Does this sound like an awesome opportunity for your business?

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