Jan-March Updates

Social Enterprise Leaders

Recognition for achievement and dedication.

Our Managing Director and Co-Founder, Tenille Gilbert, has been recognised for her achievements and dedication toward tackling youth homelessness through social enterprise by being granted a Westpac Social Change Fellowship. The fellowship allows Tenille to develop her leadership skills and explore best-practice social enterprises in order to increase For Change Co.’s impact on even more young Australians.

For Change Cafe

Unifying our cafes under one name.

Unifying our cafe venue name creates builds on our substantial presence and allows us to spotlight our mission to end youth homelessness. Under a unified name, we will be stronger. The Crêpes For Change name remains unchanged.

Youth training program

Transforming our program name and design.

Our home.plate program is transforming and growing stronger.Originally participants in our home.plate program, trainees, would gather skills and confidence as they moved through ‘plates’ on a linear journey through our venues. Today, FCC’s paid employment and training is delivered in modules according to the venue-based and specific interests of trainees. The modules are delivered on and off-site and are not dependant on the trainee moving from venue to venue. As such, we’ve renamed our program Program For Change. 

Watch this space as we work to double the number of young people involved in this program this year! 

Employment Training Program

Increasing participation rates in our program

Just this month, three trainees have graduated and moved on to ongoing employment and education opportunities, and we’ve welcomed two new trainees.

Over the past three months, we’ve had 11 paid trainees in our program.

Claire Renehan

Transitions Co-ordinator

We’ve brought on a Transitions Co-ordinator to the team, Claire Renham. Claire works uniquely with our trainees as they look for opportunities post our program. Every trainee leaves our program prepared for the next chapter in their journey; Claire supports them as they transition to a future of their choosing.
Social Enterprise Victoria

Bellfield, a beautiful place for coming together.

Our Bellfield cafe venue opened just before the Christmas break, and it’s turning out to be a beautiful place to come together for brunch and for events. We hosted our own offical launch event in February and we’ve hosted the Social Enterprise Network of Victoria event.


As you know, our cafe venues generate much-needed funds for our Pathways For Change program.
To date, our cafe venues have been exclusively vegan in line with our commitment to sustainability. However, as of the 14th of April, our Bellfield cafe will add vegetarian items to the menu. Our sustainability value still holds strong throughout the operations of our venues, however our mission must come first. By widening our menu, we can appeal to and attract a wider audience and increase our revenue which directly impacts our mission – all profits from our cafes fund more employment and training opportunities for young people.

Corporate Fundraising

A legendary team from NAB and JB Were took part in a challenging multi-night hike in the Victorian Alps last month, raising vital funds and awareness for our work. The team raised a whopping $71,000 which will be directed to our Program for Change. A huge thank you to everyone involved on this stellar effort.