One Mission, One Name cafe

The names of two of our beloved cafes are changing, and that’s the limit of the changes.

Home.One will now be known as For Change Cafe, Brunswick. Same address, same delicious toasties and coffee and same lovely people.

Home.Two will now be known as For Change Cafe, Melbourne Uni. Same location, same yummy jaffles and coffee and same lovely people.

And most importantly, our mission and purpose remain – Tackling youth homelessness.

Our cafes will continue to serve a delicious cafe experience with a side serve of social change. And provide a venue for young people in our program to develop workplace skills and confidence.

Why the change then?

We are on a significant mission to eliminate youth homelessness.

Being unified under one name, we are stronger and our message clearer.

Under the home.plate journey, the venue names, and home.two had contextual meanings.

Youth training program

Today, Trainees are moving through ‘modules’, and these modules can be undertaken across any of our cafe venues or solely in one venue.

Ultimately, each cafe has its own identity. An identity that is created by the people who manage and work in the venue, the location, the customers, and the menu.