Our highlights and news for September 2023! Pathways to Employment Grant, Growing program numbers, Team Workshop, & Trainee Progress.
Our highlights and news for August 2023! Over $300K in wages paid to trainees, Pre-employment Program, Catering for Change, Homelessness Week, & YES23.
Our highlights and news for June 2023! One Mission One Name, Youth Advisory Program, The Rising Festival, & The Age Article.
The names of two of our beloved cafes are changing, and that's the limit of the changes. Our mission and purpose remain - serving a delicious cafe experience with a side serve of social change.
Youth Homelessness Matters Day, 19 April 2023. Youth homelessness matters today because youth homelessness matters everyday. On any given night, more than 122,000 people experience homelessness in Australia – 1 in 4 of these people are under 24*. The people you see sleeping rough are the tip of the iceberg, representing only 7%*. Most people rely on temporary accommodation, couch surfing, or seeking shelter in a makeshift dwelling such as a car.
The latest cafe to join the group is For Change Cafe, Bellfield, 9 km N.E. of the CBD. Located within the new community hub building at 13 Daphne Crescent, Bellfield. When selecting the location for this new venue, we noticed the need for a Melbourne-style cafe in the local area. With so many young couples and families moving to the area, many from neighbouring Thornbury, Northcote and Preston, it made good commercial sense to follow these people and open a cafe that serves the community.

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